Sherif Elbarrad
Accounting Thought, Vol. 5 (Issue 1), 2001, 227-296.
Publication year: 2001

This research combined both WebTrust measures and the degree of financial disclosures which companies provide in Egypt and compare it with what is applied in both USA and UK as an example of the developed nations. WebTrust standards that have been developed by the American AICPA and the Canadian CICA are illustrated in details.  A survey for a sample of websites for leading companies in Egypt, USA and UK is done, and statistical analysis for the method and amount of the financial disclosure is prepared. The survey included visiting 100 websites of US companies, 100 websites for UK companies and 47 Websites for Egyptian companies. The method by which the companies of each country publish and discloses its financial statements and financial disclosure are studied, and then research hypothesis are tested. The testing of hypothesis revealed that there is a significant difference between the methods of presenting financial statements between the three countries. The results revealed that there is a significant difference between the number and amount of financial disclosure of Egyptian companies that disclose such information on their websites, and the British and American companies.