Sherif Elbarrad
International Journal of Economics and Finance, Volume 4 (Issue 8), 2012, 42-58.
Publication year: 2012


This paper aims to help companies to rationalize their investments in Computerized Accounting Information Systems (CAIS hereafter) through focusing on the experience of companies that have changed their systems. The paper opted for a survey research approach using a questionnaire which is tested for its content validity.  The questionnaire is designed to capture the experience of companies that have changed their CAIS. The questionnaires were distributed among both accountants and managers of Saudi Arabian companies of different sizes and fields that have experienced problems in their CAIS. The paper provides an insight of the reasons behind the decision to change CAIS based on the practical experience of companies in Saudi Arabia. It shows that there has been a significant change in the priorities of choosing a CAIS due to experience. It is noted also that there are some features which are available in CAIS which are not widely required by system users, and hence, it would be unwise to pay for their costs. Finally, it is noted that there is no significant difference between managers’ and accountants’ requirement regarding CAIS.