Research Interests





Dr. Elbarrad’s main goal in research is to make a difference in the business community and add value to the different stakeholders. Accordingly, the research interests are mainly related to  creating an impact. The current research interests is focused in the following areas:


  • Management Accounting
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning focusing on Accounting Education
  • Information Technology Applications in Accounting
  • Islamic Accounting & Finance
  • Triple Bottom Line
  • Stocks Prices Prediction Research

Current Research Projects

  • Aligning Accounting Undergraduate Education to Meet the Profession Expectations (Applied Study on MacEwan School of Business and Alberta Business Community)

    Received a grant of $15,000 to conduct this research. The main objective of this study is to develop the content of the accounting undergraduate education to meet the expectations of both the professional body and employers. The result of this study will provide guidance to curriculum development committees and will help identify the gaps between the accounting undergraduate education and the professional body.

  • A Suggested model to evaluate accounting software for small business

    A survey of the most popular software packages is going to be collected and summarized. A questionnaire is going to be prepared and will be distributed (by using survey monkey) among professional accountants working at accounting firms and senior accountants in different fields of business. Based on the previous literature review, a model is built to optimize and rank the different software packages for a small business. It is to be noted that the model will be flexible to include different accounting packages even though they are not included in the survey.