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Forecasting the Stock’s Price to Book Value in Emerging Markets Using Accounting Information: An Applied Study.

Elbarrad, S.; Belassi, W.
19th Annual National Business and Economics Society Conference. Honolulu, Hawaii.
Publication year: 2018

Classifying Companies by M-score and F-score: Do Financial Ratios and Indices Differ? - A Sectorial Analysis of the Saudi Arabian Stock Market.

Sherif Elbarrad
Administrative Science Association of Canada (ASAC).
Publication year: 2016

Administrative Science Association of Canada.  (ASAC) Edmonton

The effectiveness of using educational tools to enhance undergraduate students' learning experience to cost Accounting principles - An applied study.

ConferenceJournal Paper (English)
Sherif Elbarrad; Francco Saccussi
International Conference on New Horizons in Education. Vienna.
Publication year: 2016

International Conference on New Horizons in Education, Vienna

A Suggested Model to Evaluate Accounting Software for Small Business

Elbarrad, S. & Muhammad Hossain
Decision Science Institute, Southwestern Region, Houston, Texas, USA
Publication year: 2015